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SPARC to organize media dialogue on March 10


By Abdul Qadir Qureshi (Pakistan News & Features Services) The Society for Protection of Rights of Children (SPARC) is organizing a one-day workshop for media dialogue journalists and representatives on March 10. The seminar, expected to be attended by some…

Kashmir echoes far and wide

Parvez Jamil

February 05 is pulsating as “Kashmir Day” in Pakistan, Kashmir, even in India quietly, beyond boundaries vocally and the world over vehemently for Kashmiris’ right of self-determination according to the UN resolution and in consonance with world conscience. Imagine Kashmir,…

Mayar-e-Zindagi launched at KPC

Mayar-e-Zindagi launched at KPC

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi (Pakistan News & Features Services) The Literary Committee of the Karachi Press Club, one of the iconic institutions of the country, organized the launching ceremony of Asma Hassans recently published book Mayar-e-Zindagi at its own purpose-built…