Kashmir echoes far and wide

By Parvez Jamil

February 05 is pulsating as “Kashmir Day” in Pakistan, Kashmir, even in India quietly, beyond boundaries vocally and the world over vehemently for Kashmiris’ right of self-determination according to the UN resolution and in consonance with world conscience.
Imagine Kashmir, as I translate this:
گر فردوس بر رو ے زمیں است
ہمیں است و ہمیں است و ہمیں است
“If paradise were to dawn on earth,
it is truly and only here on earth”!
Seeing is believing.
The very fact that Kashmir is a land of natural bliss and beauty needs no introduction. So is the truth that how loving, lovely and loveable are Kashmiris: the people of Kashmir for their honesty, simplicity and integrity indeed.
The whole world knows, so very unfortunately, India, with its blind ego and vested interests, continue to victimize and terrorize Kashmiris by brute force and agonies to total and untold subjugation and exploitation.The whole world also knows as open fact about Pakistan’s principled stand on Kashmir in consonance with human conscience and UN resolution on Kashmir for Kashmiris’ right of self- determination.
Kashmiris defy with will power Modi’s brute force of bloodshed, clampdown and curfew in Srinagar sacrificing countless precious lives day after day and being subjected to colossal loss to assets/property as Modi blocks Srinagar to journalists and observers to see and report on the ground realities.But how long can India remain unexposed of its nefarious designs?
Pakistan has taken to task India at world forums of the UN, US and Canadian External Affairs, European Union, OIC fraternity, brotherly Turkey and Malaysia, most trusted and time tested China, with friendly circles at Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Asia-Pacific region, Organization of African Unity (OAU), South America, with the cautious Kiwis, selective Aussies and the world at large, all speaking the same language of right of self- determination to Kashmiris according to UN Kashmir resolution.
Pakistan’s positive stance or extending an olive branch to Modi on Kashmir, the disputed territory, calls for reciprocity from India, not on face value posing before the world but in practical reality alluding India for many decades. Basically, morally, legally, logically and in conformity with UN resolutions and world opinion, Kashmir needs to be sincerely recognized as a disputed territory before any dialogue in this connection.
Pacific means may be endeavored for Kashmir dispute: negotiation: both parties trying to resolve the issue without third party interfering like India and Pakistan have done in vain; mediation: so-called friendly USA offering to help resolve Kashmir conflict in vain; conciliation: a group of countries or an organization like UN helplessly trying to pacify the situation; arbitration: legal method to cope with the crisis like International Court of Justice (ICJ) so helpless on the Kashmir issue. Net result is a big zero.
It is simple logic, plain fact and a challenging question here: Do the concerned and so-called leaders and statesmen have courage, ingenuity and confidence to become trendsetters in coming out of their shells, put heads down and sit together to stop the blame game, defuse an explosive situation and save humanity from an incomprehensible imbroglio!
However, it is one deadlock after another amid an explosive Kashmir situation between two nuclear powers locked from balance of power to “balance of terror” as saner beings calls for sanity and urge leaders to rise over self, shun ego and care for innocent humanity so that the applecart does not go cartwheeling to a nuclear holocaust. Sanity please! ###
The writer, a senior faculty in media management and corporate communication, contributes to media on national and international affairs.parvezjamil@hotmail.com

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