Radio for a brighter Pakistan

By Parvez Jamil

By Parvez Jamil

Pakistan refers to purity, promise and potential. Here in question is the commoner, the majority of the people of Pakistan. It is a matter of Gross National Happiness or quality of life of our people aslyrics Schumacher with “small is beautiful” notion.


Indeed, the all-time brightest for the nation is world’s guiding light from Seerat un-Nabi (pbuh) to life simplicity and success as dreamt by Allama Iqbal, national and universal poet and practiced as an ever-shining example by Quaid i Azam in letter and spirit.


As such, no viable medium of communicationcan be assimple and affordable and as efficient and effective intransforming the layman’s life in terms of positive thinking, relishingentertainment and quality of life than simple radio.


Information and entertainment with efficacy and accuracy is a radio ranging from 100 to 1000 rupees andbeyond be it homes, “dhabas”, vendors, cobblers, masons,plumbers, mechanics, rickshaws, taxis, cart-pushers or carcleaners, so on and so forth.


What a wonderful blessing is a transistor for a farmer with farmers news, enthralling entertainment and heartening music working in the fields or retiring after work on a comfy charpoy attuned to Radio Pak program “KIsan bhaiyo kay liae”.


Radio sets, small, medium or big, are echoing with millions, on national occasions to the tune of ” Dil dil Pakistan, Hum Zinda qaum hain, Youn di humain Azadi, Jug Jug Jiyae mera pyara watan, Chand meri zameen, Ye pyara parcham”, and you name it.


On festivities as “Eid-ul-Fitr” and “Eid -ul -Azha” there are public entertaining programs and on religious occasions as “Jashn e Eid-i-Milad-un-Nabi (pbuh)” and Muharram there are programs on supreme sacrifice at Karbala, greatest sacrifice for humanity !


Radio is vital public information during national emergencies and natural calamities like wars, floods, cyclones, earthquakes and pandemic of corona, during political turmoil, dreads of terrorism, or any law-and-order situation facing the country.


What remains of basic and vital significance here is insight and ingenuity with willingness and commitment by concerned management and expertise to devise and present absorbing and life enlighteningprograms for the commonman’s good.


Imagine how glued to radio set fromsick road beggars to ill home Olds for doctor advice that treats and cures with follow-up.See howengrossed arelone-bread earners and housewives are on radioexperts budget tips.


Look how can radio life-changing literacy and skills training programs make it all-smiles for thecommoners and see how can psycho-social radio counseling helps the so-called derailed or depressedindividuals and families with peace of mind.


Have we imagined how expert radio counselors-doctorsinfuse self-confidence for the mentally-challenged people, especially, special children withtreatment, rehabilitationand feedback and bringing cheers and glow in their gloomy lives all for betterment?


How thrilling and entertaining it is for our children to be attuned to absorbing radioprograms as sports calls, news, views, quiz, pics,commentaries,interviews, talkshows,traditional sports like “gulli danda, pitthu garm, kora jamai shahi, kho, barf pani” etc.


Radio means radio: Private FM and Radio Pakistan. So it is here that their good Management andProduction need to blend and work on national policies towards rejuvenation of the nation graduallythrough life-changing radioprograms indeed.


While film, print, social and electronic media continue to shine in their respective colors, it is the commoner’s life-changing radio vying for intelligentsia, leaders and statesmen as trendsetters to pioneer radio as national priority and salvation.


Seen radio inculcating businessacumen-awareness among business students and young entrepreneurs fostering private-public partnership enabling them self-reliance with grace, dignity and honor in the comity of nations to a brighter Pakistan!?#


The writer carries richeducation andmanagement reputation contributing to social and print media on national and international affairs. He can be reached


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