Midas touch of a selfless doctor

Dr. Nawaz Ali Mallah

Dr. Nawaz Ali Mallah, no more. May Allah rest his soul in peace and grant courage to the bereaved. A’ameen.

Midas touch of a selfless doctor


As observed by Parvez Jamil


Dr. Nawaz Ali Mallah, a motivational philanthropist by nature and a pediatrician by profession in the Health Department, Government of Sindh, passed away due to cardiac arrest at his Bahadarabad residence on the morning of Wednesday, February 10, 2021. “Innalillahewainnaeleherajeon”. He was laid to rest at his native village in Shahpur Chakar.


Seeking guidance from Allah, Quran and Sunnah, Dr. Mallah was naturally attuned and acclimatized as a very closely-knit home and family man.


A quiet doctor’s vocal role speaks volumes of his love and care for patients, professional honesty at work, selfless and effective counseling and treatment for neighbors and the community over.


In addition to professional medical education and experience par excellence, a gem of knowledge and know-how Dr. Mallah possessed about law and legal matters that he helped the needy with as and when needed or sought.


Late Dr. Mallah is being remembered for his midas touch in addressing and ameliorating the sufferings of the ailing and helpless people in and around his surroundings.


Silently he was discovered as devising ways and means in personally and financially helping the poor or the impoverished.


One concern he seemed to be constantly raising to himself and others straight from the heart:

What are we doing for the less-privileged, for our community and for our most beloved Pakistan!


He questions: “While leaders continue saying masses are with them, is leadership also with the public? Do they really go beyond lip-service to help the poor masses?


He wished “powerful” politicians to rise over self and ego, not to influence media and justice and become true trend-setters for the society at large.


Just a few days before his passing away he made a street video in his own voice on how corruption plagues society and went pleading pedestrian to pedestrian on how to check or control corruption for the sake of Pakistan and national salvation.


Some such altruistic folks like Dr. Nawaz Ali Mallah generally may not live long but do leave the bereaved missing with touching memories to remember, for soul-searching and as eye-openers.#

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