A question of national dialogue

By Parvez Jamil

All felt, seen, said and done about our moral, social, economic and political degradation, co-existing with conflicting views and clashing interests is the only option and glimmer of hope as salvage and salvation of a bewildered nation.


Dead sure fighting or infighting, conflicts and crises, mud-slinging and leg-pulling, rallies and“dharnas” aggravate issues. As the majority of masses are lockedin horns, few positive thinkers idealize ways and means to co-exist in conflicting situation.


On the one hand, seen is a vicious circle of foul play, overpowering ego, cut-throat tussles, false prestige and dreadful deceits. On the other, a handful of helpless and hapless beings try in vain for logic, reason, fair play eulogizing sanity and coexistence.


Imagine piety and reason of few non-entities against maligning and monopolizing nay-Sayers. The former of purity and piousness is overwhelmed by the latter of bewitching and battering ills and evils of society.


Conquering handful of sanity dreamers is majority of man in the street, men of letters and men at the helm of affairs in politics and economy, civic and social life, family and friends, markets and business, public and private sectors.


Worth a try but next to impossible is defeating ego, rising above self, working together and tackling national issues with one voice and mutual cheers all for Pakistan, envisioned as promising land of purity and potential.


Visualize simply fantasizing for a handful of non-entities day dreaming national dialogue and earning a soft corner to convince the baffled majority of our political,educational and social leadership!


Suppose next to impossible: positive thinking in national affairs endeavored! Wiser-saner beings prioritize self-help, self-reliance and self-confidence for our teeming millions so they can stand on their own feet for life and livelihood.


Educators, media and philanthropists need to be taken on board for public training, retraining and rehabilitation with grace, dignity and honor in the comity of nations. Well-conceived and eulogized towards a better Pakistan! #

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