Sleepless NIGHT due to variety programme

Sleepless NIGHT due to variety programme

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By Ashfaq Sharif

I want to convey message all citizen of Pakistan that 2 days back on working day a VARIETY programme organized in our area. The variety programme consist of jokes, songs begin late night and last around 3 AM in morning, my personal opinion when a person organize VARIETY programme due to his marriage or any occasion in which the concern party spending plenty of money but on return not a single penny benefit he got from God in the shape of good deeds but countless sin written in his name only due to keep nearby neighbor can’t sleep due to high volume of tune of music / songs and these sin must be the concern party shoulder if he realized

Secondly I request to the city Govt authority make a ban for organizing VARIETY programme in road specially in residence area in which other those living near badly affected and feel torture, and totally deprive to getting a peaceful sleep in night.

Why not arrange variety program me in hotel or club? To celebrate your wedding than perhaps you do not giving torture to your neighbors but spending in rubbish job in which Islam is totally against and condemn it is thousand times betters to give charity to widow, give financial support to any needy student, support your friends, neighbors or family members who need financial support, or donate in hospital mission, if any one spend in these noble causes than after his death he will receiving good deeds till his money he using for welfare of human beings till judgment day comes.

Let’s decide in which side you get better rewards than do?

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