District Bar Thatta organized an event in honor of Tahmasp Rasheed Razvi

An event was organized by the District Bar Association Thatta in honor of Mr. Tahmasp Rasheed Razvi, ASC (Candidate for Honorary Secretary SHCBA 2023-24).
Notable lawyers, including Justice Retired Mr. Rasheed A. Razvi (Former President SCBA), Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan (Former President SHCBA & Former Attorney General of Pakistan), Mr. Syed Haider Imam Rizvi (Member SBC), Mr. Azaz Shah (President Thatta Bar Association), Mr. Hosh Muhammad Abbasi (Vice President Thatta Bar Association), Mr. Mansoor Turk (General Secretary Thatta Bar Association), Mr. Ghulam Akbar Uqaili (Advocate High Court), Mr. Jameel Shah (Former Assistant Attorney General), Mr. Nasir Jamal (District Prosecutor Thatta), participated in the event.
During the event, Mr. Rasheed A. Razvi announced his intention to gift a PLD Book Set covering the years 1947-2023 to the library of the Thatta Bar Association.

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