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dreamworld karachiDreamworld Resort, Hotel and Golf Course proudly presents Children’s Day on 13th April 2014 .With a membership base of over 18000, the festival promises fun filled activities and entertainment for children and their families. This event is in line with the vision of Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course, which is to provide both entertainment and social correspondence  for its members and public.

The event aims to provide high-quality educational and fun entertainment in a family friendly atmosphere. Offering several activities, the event is divided into themed zones delivering many exciting activities and competitions including swimming competition, boating competition, pot & win, sack race, tug of war, loop wire game, drop the coin in the water bucket, drag the ball with water spray, separate mixed canes, hold and drag the ball on the pipe, blow the balloon and throw the paper glass, Pile up the empty canes on the floating plate.

There will be several on stage activities like fairy tale quiz, one man show, fancy dress show, puppet show, magic show, quiz show, spelling competition, singing competition, jokes competition, lullaby competition, hang man, rapid fire and parody.

Entertainment with programming is carefully aimed at specific age groups and interests, there is fun adventure and for everyone. This event will truly bring excitement and fun for the entertainment deprived citizens.

Jumbo Publishing has launched its revamped website which offers customers greater knowledge about its books in addition to important news and updates.

The newly designed website is user-friendly that makes it easy for the customer to find and learn about Jumbo Publishing’s books.

The customers can easily read a review of the book they are interested in. They can also order it very conveniently by downloading and printing the form and sending it over with the cheque/draft of the appropriate amount.

Three latest articles from the blog of Jumbo Publishing, appear on the home page and the visitors can access them rather comfortably.

The launch of our newly redesigned website is in line with Jumbo Publishing’s philosophy of spreading knowledge and providing the best possible services to its customers.