Inside story of Pakistani showbiz world

By Parvez Jamil

By Parvez Jamil

Reality check of “who is who” and “what is what” of our showbiz world is so very revealing. What a stunning contrast between artificial or sugar-coated poses and postures and natural looks of sheer simplicity and originality.


Without naming the so-called prodigies, dawn over the showbiz horizon are numerous examples to unleash. This truly needs quick-witted mind, razor-sharp eye and far-sighted vision.


Giving a number of examples in entertainment of our TV shows, it is really commendable to name, cite or glorify a few positive ones and talk without naming or citing the “jali, naqli, do number”, artificially posing:


Arshe MuneerOn the one hand, in a public relishing show “bulbulay”, talk

of the town the world over, the canny eye claims all stars as “asli”: natural, genuine, entertaining artists, with no clues of artificiality whatsoever.


On the other hand, in the same channel, any sharp eye catches unawares the sugar-coated actors and actresses, not performers exposed, overacting simply “jali, naqli, do number”.


Among incomparable byegones, still alive and kicking, are such original, pure, “khalis” gems: andhayra ujala, khuda ki basti, aangan terha, kiran kahani, alif noon, neelam ghar, moin akhtar show” and alike.


So simpler, original, natural and purer are such role model of geniuses as Late Haseena Moin, Tariq Aziz, Moin Akhtar, Qazi Wajid, Arshe Munir, ‘Allan, Nanna, Rangeela’ and Legendary Anwar Maqsood,Bushra Ansari, Omar Sharif, Qavi Khan, Mahmood Aslam, Hina Dilpazeer; few heart throbs of a million, overshadowing / overwhelming the sugar-coated ones!

Qazi Wajid and others

But amid eccentric instances, the so-posed TV anchor persons are seen jumping, yelling and dancing to please their hysterical fans and followers fantasizing false prestige and fanfare/funfair.


As so-conceived current affairs shows by anchors and guests abound, there is a round-the-clock-vicious circle of shouting matches in leg-pulling and mud-slinging, called media rating.


As hysterical media and bamboozled fans seem bewitched and bewildered, starving few look for foreign channels like Discovery, CNN, BBC, even the vivacious and volatile Indian media and so on.


Imagine media shouting match and foul talk for kids as a 24-hour show! Children learn so fast in a home school for them, shouting shame and using filthy language amid stunned and shocked parents.


For adults and the elderly pugnacious or obnoxious media quickly becomes a state of mind reflective of interpersonal relations among family, neighbors, community, livelihood and the society at large.


For many a politician media echoes amid backbiting, leg-pulling, mud-slinging, changing loyalties, blackmailing and misappropriation as a way of life from generation to generation.


Your kind attention so very

functionally fixed media gurus! Innovative strategy needed blending financial and public interests. That means addressing media’s linear thinking for brighter public programs. Give it a try please.


Posing, over-acting and sensationalizing is exposed there and then and backfires all ends up. Personally, socially, politically or professionally sugar-coats tend to melt and expose an artificial personality with adverse credibility. This all has to be attuned to and acclimatized with originality. Very tough ask indeed.The earlier it is realized the better it is for mutual rewards.#


The writer, a senior faculty in media management and corporate communication, contributes to media on national and international affairs.

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