How to be an Amazing Teacher unveils secrets of success

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Caroline Bentley-Davies, an inspector of schools, an adviser and a consultant, attained fame and recognition in the United Kingdom and beyond by having authored How to be an Amazing Teacher which explains tips, techniques and tactics for teachers to stand out above the rest and transform into an amazing teacher.
Paramount Books has done a great service for the people of Pakistan to have the book translated into the national language and its Urdu version Behtereen Ustad Kaisay Banain will be reaching out teachers in every nook and corner of the country.
For many of us during our school experience there was one amazing teacher or two who changed our outlook on life and helped us succeed and whose life lessons we will never forget. What was it that made them such an outstanding teacher and what is it that I can do as a new teacher to replicate this quality?
Here is an opportunity for those engaged in the noble profession of teaching in Pakistan to learn from an expert, in their own language, to learn on how to improve teaching skills; how to get classroom’s behavior to work to your benefit; how to motivate pupils who don’t seem to want to learn, and much more.
These are understood to be the challenges often encountered about by the newly qualified as well as the experienced teachers. Now they have access to the solutions and tips to improve their performance for the larger national interest.

Behtereen Ustad Kaisay Banain unveils secrets of body language, presence and classroom charisma. Things like how to unlock the hidden talents of pupils and develop their motivation and engagement through a wealth of innovative teaching techniques.

The tools amazing teachers have mastered to engage disaffected pupils and make the classroom a vibrant and engaging place are also discussed. Practical advice, real life scenarios and expert opinion have been very nicely blended in this book which has the potential to make any teaching career more rewarding and successful.
This book is practical, uplifting and immensely reassuring. It reminds us that while brilliant teachers are awe-inspiring to watch, their skills are essentially learned. This book provides a canny mix of advice and opportunities for reflection on the journey towards being an outstanding teacher, one of the seasoned teachers complimented after reading the book.
The information in this book jumps off the page from the very beginning, grabs you and never let go. Every chapter is a gem. Each has excitement, ideal, and tools, and what’s more, the book ‘covers the waterfront’ of everything that is key without ever getting bogged down. Read it as soon as you can if you want to appreciate and improve your teaching for maximum benefit, another veteran professor commented.

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