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Expressing grave concerns on the soaring incidents of kidnappings for ransom and demands for extortion, the Founder and Leader of the MQM Mr Altaf Hussain has asked the established to find out the elements within its ranks who were harbouring criminals involved in these heinous offences. He urged upon the business community to pluck up courage and tell the public about the criminal elements involved in kidnappings and sending extortion slips and the people who support them.

He said this while talking to the MQM office-bearers, workers and volunteers at the main camp set up for collecting hides of the sacrificial animals under the Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation. He complimented Muslims throughout the world on the occasion of Eidul Azha and said that this festival reminds us about the Sunnah of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). He said that the Muslims observing the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) also resolve that they would not hesitate from offering any sacrifices in the way of Allah.

Mr Hussain said that Eid is the festival of joy and happiness, but the workers of the MQM had been sacrificing their happiness for the last 35 years by following the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and making a practical demonstration of self-sacrifices. He said that the MQM workers and office-bearers always served the people in difficult times. Whether it was devastation caused by heavy floods or catastrophic earthquake or any other disaster, the MQM workers give up their rest, food and comfort for bringing help to the needy people.

He said that the MQM is the only political party in the country whose office-bearers work alongside common workers instead of enjoying the ease and comforts of their homes. If someone wanted to see a practical demonstration of equality as told by the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) on his last sermon, he can see it in the MQM.

Shedding light on the spirit of selflessness and sacrifice, Mr Hussain said that no power in the world except Allah Almighty can wipe out the nation whose people had the inspiration to offer sacrifice. He praised MQM workers belonging to different zones, sectors and units for sacrificing their Eid happiness in order serve the needy people.

Mr Hussain said that the MQM wants to serve the people without fearing about the consequences. The MQM believes in serving the people irrespective of the prejudices of caste, colour, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs and sects.

Mr Hussain said that the MQM believes in promoting religious and sectarian harmony, showing tolerance towards each other and establishing a universal harmony among different religions. He said that certain elements were trying to sabotage the efforts of the MQM in order to ruin peace ofKarachi.

Mr Hussain said that it was the responsibility of the establishment to find out the elements in its ranks who were supporting and protecting the criminals involved in kidnappings for ransom and extortion inKarachi.

He said that the business community should also show courage and disclose the elements that were involved in kidnappings and extortion inKarachialong with their supporters.

In the end, he gave Eid greetings to the MQM workers, supporters, intellectuals, columnists, journalists, anchor persons, cameramen, press photographers and other people of the print and electronic media and expressed best wishes for them.



Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan announced to upgrade the KMDC to a University in next two to three weeks and a grant of Rs100million for the college. He also announced making the current principal Prof. Waqar Hussain Kazmi the university’s first Vice Chancellor. He was addressing the 4th Convocation of KMDC which was also attended by the Provincial Health Minister Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, MNA Abdul Waseem, MPA Abdul Moeed Siddiqui, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Administrator Karachi Muhammad Hussain Syed, Metropolitan Commissioner Matanat Ali Khan, Vice Chancellor Karachi University Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser, Principal KMDC Prof. Waqar H. Kazmi and others.

The Governor of Sindh also announced an additional grant of Rs400million for development works of Phase-III that includes establishing an IT and Video Conferencing Lab, an auditorium, an administrative block and a ten storey building in KMDC. Degrees were awarded to 212 Doctors in MBBS and BDS whereas 13 Doctors Gold Medals and Rs25000 cash reward. Earlier presenting the inaugural speech KMC Administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed congratulated the successful degree holders of college and thanked Chief Guest Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan and guest of honor provincial health minister Dr. Sagheer Ahmed for attending the convocation. Administrator Karachi said in today’s world having a mere MBBS or BDS is not just sufficient and like other professionals they must continue updating their knowledge and better understanding of existing and new diseases. He said medical education in Pakistan is given an important consideration therefore we should enhance our capabilities and capacities in professional developments we should also work together formulating a policy to ensure good quality and ethical practices of doctors. He said as patron-in-chief of KMDC I m well aware of the problems faced by faculty members, staff and others and we are taking special measures on a priority basis for the resolution of all issues under the under the leadership and guidance of Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan. He said the KMDC has reached its present enviable status in a very short time. The number of seats for MBBS has been increased from 100 to 250 similarly the number of BDS seats has been doubled from 50 to 100. Necessary legislation has been done to convert KMDC from college to a university titled the “City University of Medical Sciences.” He said KMDC is the only medical and dental college of our country which is being run and patronized by the Local Metropolitan Corporation where admissions are based on a transparent, accountable and total open merit policy.

Speaking on this occasion Vice Chancellor K.U announced a two year masters program in public health for KMDC. Provincial Minister for Health Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, Principal KMDC Dr. Waqar H. Kazmi and others also spoke on the occasion.